Building Christ Church: 1944 to 1958

Building Christ Church: 1944 to 1958

It was during this era that a major change took place in the look of the Christ Church building.  Photographs from earlier eras reveal a more colourful interior with ‘My House shall be called the House of Prayer’ painted above the Central Arch separating the Nave from the Chancel (see Building Christ Church: 1893 to 1920). This was painted over in 1952 with the off white that still dominates the walls of Christ Church today.

For a time from 1970, the East Wall was painted blue, being changed back again to off white at some point later on.

A photo taken from the north east of Christ Church in 1953 shows a number of changes from the earlier postcard taken from a similar perspective (see Building Christ Church: 1935 to 1944).

An annexe, now used as the flower cupboard (probably used at that stage for gardening equipment), has appeared. The ivy has disappeared off the East Wall but the growth of trees around the church is being much more encouraged including the orchard on its northern side. The tree behind the East Window is already well on its way to blocking most of its light.

Building CCNM 1935-44

Claude Bartle

Life at CCNM 1944-58

Building CCNM 1958-68