Giving Back

Giving Back

Belonging to any church means learning to see the benefit of giving of ourselves to that church and the other people within it. This includes our time and talents but also our money.

Christ Church is part of the Church of England and an important sign of our commitment to belonging to the one worldwide church is the money that we give that goes beyond Christ Church. This includes missionaries and charities that we support but also the financial contribution that we make each year to our diocese – the diocese of Southwark. This central way of organising the payment and upkeep of clergy is important. Without it, churches in poorer areas of the diocese would have to close.

Once this sum is added to all the other things that we need to pay for (eg the cost of maintaining our buildings, paying our other staff, children’s work etc), it means that Christ Church needs to raise over £6,000 a week to continue running. Some of this money is raised through renting our buildings out to other groups. But the overwhelming majority of it comes from the direct giving of the members of Christ Church.

Particularly with so many members of Christ Church being newcomers, raising this money is no easy task! However the New Testament does contain examples of relatively new Christians responding God’s love by giving extremely generously and our hope is that something similar would accompany the recent growth that we have seen at Christ Church. Here are some principles from the Bible to think about as you consider what God might be wanting you to give.

For further details, please see Church Finances: Frequently Asked Questions.

If you would like to find out more about giving at Christ Church and how you can be part of it, please speak to Tim Lucas or Anna Larkin.

The Giving Back forms can be downloaded here.