Claude Bartle (1944-1958)

Claude Bartle (1944-1958)

The Reverend Claude Anderson Bartle (1902-1979), arrived with his wife Gertrude, to become the fifth Vicar of Christ Church in September 1944.

A shy and unassuming man, Bartle nonetheless made a very large impact upon Christ Church, partly through his very keen interest in the work with children and young people.

A newspaper from the time of Claude Bartle’s departure from Christ Church in 1958 also show Mrs Bartle plus Churchwardens Reg Ellis and David Burton.

It reveals Claude Bartle’s admission that he was frightened when he was offered the living of Christ Church, but many commenting on the vivid appeal of his preaching and his keen interest in the church’s work with children.

Willoughby Habershon Building CCNM 1944-58 Llewellyn Roberts