Building Christ Church: 1958 to 1968

Building Christ Church: 1958 to 1968

The Bell

It was in 1960 that the bell at Christ Church was found to be in a dangerous condition and removed. Not always appreciated, they were sometimes referred to as ‘Tired Tim’ and ‘Weary Willie’. Rather than lose the peal of bells, however, it was decided to replace it with a tape recording of the bells of Cheadle Parish Church that was used from 16th October 1960. A photo of Christ Church from this time (see Vestry Hall below) shows the speakers in the Bell Tower (enlarged, below).

This recording continued being used until 2006. Those expressing interest in purchasing the new houses recently built behind the church have apparently sought assurance that the church no longer rings its bells on a Sunday morning!

Vestry Hall

The centenary of Christ Church was marked in 1966 by the building of the Vestry Hall, so named because it was built onto the side of the vestries at the east end of the church and part of its role in housing the choir of Christ Church.

But it was also intended to serve the expanding work with children and young people and, after a hundred years, Christ Church had its own toilets! A small kitchenette was also part of it. A Dedication Service took place on 4th June 1966.

Over the years the Vestry Hall was used for PCC and other meetings, and numerous groups such as the crèche, Climbers and Scramblers.

Having stood for 49 years and provided great service, the Vestry Hall was finally demolished in October 2015 to make way for the forthcoming Hall. Prayers were said in a brief ‘Decomissioning Service’ held to thank God for all that has happened in the Vestry Hall and for the ministry of ‘Uncle Llew’.

Moving the Oak Screen

In 1964, the decision was taken to remove the Oak Screen which had separated the Chancel from the Nave from its establishment in 1920. It was located instead at the end of the Nave for people to pass through as they entered Christ Church.

It was sometime after that it was filled with glass to act as a draught exluder!

The Oak Screen finally removed when Christ Church was reordered in 2006-7 (see Building Christ Church: 1991-2006).

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Llewellyn Roberts

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