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Stephen Kuhrt
31 May 2015 The difference that it makes to believe in the Trinity 2015-05-31-930-SK-the-difference-it-makes-to-believe-in-the-Trinity.mp3
24 May 2015 You shall not give false testimony Exodus 20:16 2015-05-24-1100-SK-you-shall-not-give-false-testimony.mp3
17 May 2015 How Haman's plan was thwarted Esther 5-7 2015-05-17-six30-SK-how-Hamans-plan-was-thwarted.mp3
10 May 2015 The difference it makes to believe in our future resurrection 2015-05-10-930-SK-the-difference-it-makes-to-believe-in-our-future-resurrection.mp3
3 May 2015 A Woman's Place Esther 1&2 2015-05-03-six30-SK-A-womans-place.mp3
26 Apr 2015 APCM service 2015-04-26-APCM-SK.mp3
19 Apr 2015 How Easter should change how I approach the General Election 2015-04-19-930-SK-How-Easter-should-change-how-I-approach-the-general-election.mp3
19 Apr 2015 How Easter should change how I approach the General Election 2015-04-19-1100-SK-How-Easter-should-change-how-I-approach-the-general-election.mp3
5 Apr 2015 How Easter should change the things that we fear 2015-04-05-1000-SK-How-Easter-should-change-the-things-that-we-fear.mp3
29 Mar 2015 Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy Exodus 20:8-11 2015-03-29-1100-SK-remember-the-sabbath-day-by-keeping-it-holy.mp3
15 Mar 2015 Sitting lightly to human status markers Philippians 3: 1-11 2015-03-15-six30-SK-sitting-lightly-to-human-status-markers.mp3
8 Mar 2015 You shall not make for yourself any idol Exodus 20:4-6 2015-03-08-1100-SK-no-idols.mp3