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Stephen Kuhrt
10 Jan 2016 The Call to Suffer in the Acts of the Apostles 2016-01-10-six30-SK-call-to-suffer-in-acts.mp3
3 Jan 2016 Followers of Jesus who suffered: James and John 2016-01-03-930-SK-Followers-of-Jesus-who-suffered-James-and-John.mp3
13 Dec 2015 The birth of John the Baptist Luke 2: 57-80 2015-12-13-930-SK-The-birth-of-John-the-Baptist.mp3
29 Nov 2015 God's love and the people's lack of it Malachi 1 2015-11-29-1100-SK-Malachi-1.mp3
8 Nov 2015 Remembrance Sunday 2015-11-08-930-SK-Remembrance-Sunday.mp3
1 Nov 2015 All God's People Sunday 2015-11-01-930-SK-All-Gods-people-Sunday.mp3
25 Oct 2015 Developing a Christian attitude to Halloween 2015-10-25-930-SK-Developing-a-Christian-attitude-to-Halloween.mp3
18 Oct 2015 Developing a Christian attitude to Islamic extremism 2015-10-18-six30-SK-developing-a-Christian-attitude-to-Islamic-extremism.mp3
11 Oct 2015 Developing a Christian attitude to my child's education 2015-10-11-930-Developing-a-Christian-attitude-to-my-childs-education.mp3
4 Oct 2015 Developing a Christian attitude to food 2015-10-04-1000-SK-Developing-a-Christian-attidtude-towards-food.mp3
2 Aug 2015 Using my gifts from God 2015-08-02-six30-SK-Using-my-gifts-from-God.mp3
Stephen Kuhrt & Susannah Sloman
20 Dec 2015 Children's Carol Service 2015-12-20-930-SK&SS-Childrens-carol-service.mp3