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28 Jun 2015 Confidence of being 'More than Conquerors' Romans 8:28-39 Stephen Kuhrt 2015-06-28-1100-SK-confident-of-being-more-than-conquerors.mp3
21 Jun 2015 The power to pray Romans 8:18-27 Nathan Larkin 2015-06-21-1100-NL-the-power-to-pray.mp3
14 Jun 2015 Assurance that we are children of God Romans 8:12-17 Luke Wickings 2015-06-14-1100-LW-Assurance-that-we-are-children-of-God.mp3
7 Jun 2015 Meeting of the Law's requirements Romans 8:1-11 Katy Loffman 2015-06-07-1100-KL-meeting-the-laws-requirements.mp3