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29 Mar 2015 Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy Exodus 20:8-11 Stephen Kuhrt 2015-03-29-1100-SK-remember-the-sabbath-day-by-keeping-it-holy.mp3
22 Mar 2015 You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God Exodus 20:7 Becky Mills 2015-03-22-1100-BM-you-shall-not-,misuse-the-name-of-the-LORD-your-God.mp3
15 Mar 2015 Honour your father and your mother Exodus 20:12 Gordon Kuhrt 2015-03-15-1100-GK-honour-your-father-and-mother.mp3
8 Mar 2015 You shall not make for yourself any idol Exodus 20:4-6 Stephen Kuhrt 2015-03-08-1100-SK-no-idols.mp3
1 Mar 2015 You shall have no gods before me Exodus 20:1-3 Luke Wickings 2015-03-01-1100-LW-you-shall-have-no-gods-before-me.mp3