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26 Oct 2014 Learning to relate well to others Philippians 4 Andy Black 2014-10-26-930-AB-learnin-to-relate-well-to-others.mp3
12 Oct 2014 Being clear about the Christian Hope Philippians 3:10-21 Stephen Kuhrt 2014-10-12-930-SK-being-clear-about-the-Christian-hope.mp3
28 Sep 2014 Sitting lightly to human status markers Philippians 3:1-11 Carolyn Lucas 2014-09-28-930-CL-sitting-lightly-to-human-status-markers.mp3
21 Sep 2014 An attitude like that of Jesus Philippians 2 Pete Everett 2014-09-21-930-PE-attitude-like-that-of-Jesus.mp3
7 Sep 2014 Seeing how God brings good out of bad Philippians 1 Stephen Kuhrt 2014-09-07-930-SK-seeing-how-God-brings-good-out-of-bad.mp3