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24 Sep 2017 Breaking the power of the past Stephen Kuhrt 2017-09-24-six30-SK-Breaking-the-power-of-the-past.mp3
17 Sep 2017 Becoming our authentic self Ruth Henson 2017-09-17-six30-RH-becoming-our-authentic-self.mp3
10 Sep 2017 Letting God into our deepest places Stephen Kuhrt 2017-09-10-six30-SK-letting-God-into-our-deepest-places.mp3
3 Sep 2017 The problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality Nathan Larkin 2017-09-03-six30-NL-The-problem-of-emotionally-unhealthy-spirituality.mp3
24 Sep 2017 A Christian Perspective on Brexit Katy Loffman 2017-09-24-930-KL-A-Christian-perspective-on-Brexit.mp3
17 Sep 2017 A Christian perspective on the birth of children Carolyn Lucas 2017-09-17-930-CL-A-Christian-Perspective-on-the-birth-of-children.mp3
10 Sep 2017 A Christian Perspective on the death of Diana Stephen Kuhrt 2017-09-10-930-SK-A-Christian-perspective-on-the-death-of-diana.mp3
3 Sep 2017 A Christian Perspective on the start of a New School Year Rob Shrimpton 2017-09-03-930-RS-A-Christian-perspective-on-the-start-of--new-school-year.mp3
27 Aug 2017 Why I am a Christian Ilona Perl 2017-08-27-930-IP-Why-I-am-a-Christian.mp3
17 Sep 2017 What are the prophets saying to us? Amos Amos Becky Mills 2017-09-17-1100-RM-Amos.mp3
10 Sep 2017 What are the Prophets saying to us? Joel Joel Tim Davis 2017-09-10-1100-TD-Joel.mp3
3 Sep 2017 What are the Prophets saying to us? Hosea Hosea Stephen Kuhrt 2017-09-03-1100-SK-Hosea.mp3