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15 Oct 2017 What are the Prophets saying to us? Micah Micah Anita Ferrero 2017-10-15-1100-AF-Micah.mp3
8 Oct 2017 What are the prophets saying to us? Jonah Carolyn Lucas 2017-10-08-1100-CL-Jonah.mp3
24 Sep 2017 What are the prophets saying to us? Obadiah Obadiah David Taylor 2017-09-24-1100-DT-Obadiah.mp3
17 Sep 2017 What are the prophets saying to us? Amos Amos Becky Mills 2017-09-17-1100-RM-Amos.mp3
15 Oct 2017 Stopping to breathe the air of eternity Alison Hill 2017-10-15-six30-AH-Stopping-to-breathe-the-air-of-eternity.mp3
8 Oct 2017 Surrendering to our limits Becky Mills 2017-10-08-six30-BM-Surrendering-to-our-limits.mp3
2 Oct 2017 Letting go of power and control Carolyn Lucas 2017-10-01-six30-CL-Letting-go-of-power-and-control.mp3
24 Sep 2017 Breaking the power of the past Stephen Kuhrt 2017-09-24-six30-SK-Breaking-the-power-of-the-past.mp3
8 Oct 2017 A Christian Perspective on the growth of terrorism Andy Black 2017-10-08-930-AB-A-Christian-perspective-on-the-growth-of-terrorism.mp3
24 Sep 2017 A Christian Perspective on Brexit Katy Loffman 2017-09-24-930-KL-A-Christian-perspective-on-Brexit.mp3
17 Sep 2017 A Christian perspective on the birth of children Carolyn Lucas 2017-09-17-930-CL-A-Christian-Perspective-on-the-birth-of-children.mp3
1 Oct 2017 Harvest Stephen Kuhrt 2017-10-01-100-SK-Harvest.mp3