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22 Jan 2017 Helping with Grapevine Sarah Parker 2017-01-22-930-SP-helping-with-Grapevine.mp3
15 Jan 2017 Helping with the Night Shelter Stephen Kuhrt 2017-01-15-930-SK-helping-with-the-night-shelter.mp3
8 Jan 2017 Visiting People Carolyn Lucas 2017-01-08-930-CL-visiting-people-.mp3
18 Dec 2016 Children's Carol Service Stephen Kuhrt and Nikki Gough 2016-12-18-930-SK&NG-Childrens-carol-service.mp3
15 Jan 2017 Learning from St Paul at prayer in Ephesians Becky Mills 2017-01-15-1100-BM-learning-from-St-Paul-at-prayer-in-Ephesians.mp3
8 Jan 2017 Learning from St Paul at prayer in Philippians Tim Davis 2017-01-08-1100-TD-learing-from-st-paul-at-prayer-inphilippians.mp3
18 Dec 2016 A verse that sums up Christmas for me Luke 1:31 Carolyn Lucas 2016-12-18-1100-CL-a-verse-that-sums-up-Christmas-for-me.mp3
15 Jan 2017 A people constantly learning new things from the Bible Katy Loffman 2017-01-15-six30-KL-a-people-learning-new-things-from-the-Bible.mp3
8 Jan 2017 A people being life-changing community Stephen Kuhrt 2017-01-08-six30-SK-a-people-being-life-changing-community.mp3
18 Dec 2016 Carols by Candlelight Becky Mills 2016-12-18-six30-BM-carols-by-candlelight.mp3
25 Dec 2016 Christmas Day Tim Davis 2016-12-25-1000-TD-Christmas.mp3
24 Dec 2016 Christmas Eve Midnight Communion Stephen Kuhrt 2016-12-24-SK-Midnight-Communion.mp3