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16 Nov 2008 Why is it important to pray in groups? Stephen Kuhrt 081116_SK_Why_it's_important_to_Pray_in_Groups_1830.mp3
9 Nov 2008 Why aren't good prayers always answered? Katy Loffman 081109_KL_Unanswered_Prayer_630.mp3
2 Nov 2008 The Power of Prayer Monica Cooper 081102_MC_Power_of_Prayer_630.mp3
26 Oct 2008 Hearing from God through Film Jenny Grove 081026_JG_Hearing_God_Through_Film_630.mp3
19 Oct 2008 Hearing from God through Nature Carolyn Lucas 081019_CL_Hearing_God_through_Nature_630.mp3
9 Nov 2008 How should we pray? Stephen Kuhrt 081109_SK_How_should_we_pray_930.mp3
2 Nov 2008 What is prayer? Helen Hancock 081102_HH_What_is_Prayer_930.mp3
26 Oct 2008 Living by Faith the choices we make Katy Loffman 081026_KL_Living_by_Faith_in_our_Choices_930.mp3
19 Oct 2008 Living by Faith ...when disaster strikes Pete Everett 081019_PE_Living_by_Faith_When_Disaster_Strikes_930.mp3
2 Nov 2008 St Paul at Prayer ...for the church at Ephesus Acts 21-28 Anita Ferrero 081102_AF_Paul_Praying_for_the_Church_at_Ephesus_1100.mp3
26 Oct 2008 Paul on Trial Rome Acts 28 Anita Ferrero 081026_AF_Paul_on_Trial_in_Rome_1100.mp3
19 Oct 2008 Paul on Trial ...through Storm and Shipwreck Acts 27 Stephen Kuhrt 081019_SK_Paul_on_Trial_through_Storm_and_Shipwreck_1100.mp3