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14 Dec 2008 A fresh slant on familiar stories Simon Hancock 2008-12-14_SH_Fresh_Slant_on Christmas_Stories_9.30.mp3
7 Dec 2008 What should I be excited about this Christmas? Patrick Gardner 2008-12-07_PG_What_Should_I_be_Excited_About_this_Christmas_0930.mp3
30 Nov 2008 How can prayer become a greater part of my life? Stephen Kuhrt 2008-11-30_SK_Making_Prayer_a_Greater_Part_of_my_Life_0930 talk.mp3
23 Nov 2008 When prayer has been difficult Katy Loffman 2008-11-23_KL_Praying_when_Prayer_is_Difficult_0930.mp3
16 Nov 2008 When prayer has helped me Carolyn Lucas 081116_CL_When_Prayer_has_Helped_me_930.mp3
14 Dec 2008 The Candle of Peace Isaiah 2:1-5 Stephen Kuhrt 2008-12-14_SK_Candle_of_Peace_630.mp3
7 Dec 2008 The Candle of Hope Isaiah 11:1-10 Tim Davis 2008-12-07_TD_Candle_of_Hope_1830 talk.mp3
30 Nov 2008 The value of prayer Katie Kuhrt 2008-11-30_KK_The_Value_of_Prayer_1830.mp3
23 Nov 2008 Why do we need to pray if God is in control? Alistair Jones 2008-11-23_AJ_Why_Pray_if_God_is_in_Control_1830.mp3
7 Dec 2008 Preparing for Christmas ...with Zechariah and Elizabeth Luke 1:5-25 Carolyn Lucas 2008-12-07_CL_Preparing_for_Christmas_with_Zechariah_and_Elizabeth_1100.mp3
23 Nov 2008 St Paul at Prayer ...for the church at Philippi Acts 21-28 Stephen Kuhrt 2008-11-23_SK_Paul_Prays_for_the_Church_at_Philippi_1100.mp3
16 Nov 2008 St Paul at Prayer ...for the church at Colossae Acts 21-28 Jamie Avis 2008-11-16_JA_Paul_Prays_for_the_Church_at_Colossae_1100.mp3