Life at Christ Church: 1893 to 1920

Life at Christ Church: 1893 to 1920

Mission Church of St James

The Mission Church of St James was built on Burlington Road in 1903 to serve the growing estate in that area.  the photo below dates from around 1906.

A separate parish for St James’ was established in 1929 and a new church built in 1932-33 on the junction of Bodley Rd and Malden Rd. This involved some controversy but enabled the provision of a more Anglo-Catholic form of worship for those wanting this in New Malden.

Elizabeth Katherine Bunn

A ministry of great longevity began during this period. Mrs Elizabeth Katherine Bunn became Superintendant of the Sunday School for 3½-8 year olds for in 1909 and continued in that role until 1955! (an incredible 46 years!). ‘Mrs Bunn’s Sunday School’ met in the Parish Room at 3.00 pm on a Sunday afternoon. She died at the age of 81 in March 1964. A font (first at the head of the north aisle and from 1981 in the south aisle) and a stained glass window were dedicated to her memory in 1965.

From the Edwardian Era to the Eve of War

Photos from the Edwardian era to the eve of the First World War include a number of Vicarage Garden parties; the one below dates from 19 June 1908.

We also have three photos dating from 16 July 1910.

The photo below is from a garden party held in June 1913.

A further photo dates from 30th June 1914, two days after the assassination of the Archduke of Austro-Hungary and captures something of the atmosphere of 1914 as people took advantage of the unusually warm weather to distract them from the approach of war.

The photo below, of a Church Parade down New Malden High Street, comes from the actual day of the assassination and it is poignant to reflect on how many of those depicted would be later killed in the war.

Another photo on the eve of war depicts a Christ Church School Treat from July 10th 1914.

An earlier photo from 1913 shows another school treat for the girls of Christ Church School.

The Stained Glass Windows

Many of the stained glass windows in Christ Church date from this period. The oldest is in the South Wall depicting Jesus as the Good Shepherd and Light of the World and was given in memory of Arthur Streeter (Churchwarden 1885-1887) in 1894.

The window in the East Wall depicting Jesus, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist was given in 1900 in memory of Benjamin and Anne Whitehead.

Another in the south wall of the Chancel is from 1906, depicting the biblical character Tabitha, and given in memory of Emily Larkin.

Three other windows were originally placed in the North Wall but can now be seen in the lit boxes on the West Wall to where they were moved once the lounge was built in 1980/81. The one on the north side of the west wall depicting Faith, Charity and Hope dates from 1907 and was given in memory of Alfred Streeter (Churchwarden 1892-1896).

The two on the south side of the west wall date from 1900 and 1919 in memory of Frederick Somner Merryweather (Churchwarden 1867-1871) and Rashell Montague Davison, who was severely wounded in the German offensive of March 1918 and subsequently died in 1919.

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