One of the greatest needs that we have as human beings is the strength to face up to our hardships and those things that we fear. One of the ways through which this can come to us is through encouragement when we receive words and support from others that quite literally give us the courage to face up to our fears and become more fully the people that God made us to be. During this series we will consider both the encouragement that God wants us to receive in various aspects of our lives and the ways in which we can, in turn, be part of passing this encouragement onto others.

1 March ...as a spiritual gift   Stephen Kuhrt
8 March ...in our struggles at work   Katy Loffman
15 March …in our family life   Olive Kuhrt
22 March …with our self esteem   Carolyn Lucas
29 March The Messiah comes   Stephen Kuhrt
3 April
Good Friday
How the death of Jesus brought us freedom   Andy Black