Harvest Sunday 2016

Harvest Celebration

We’ll be celebrating Harvest Sunday on 2nd October! We hope that as many people as possible from each of our 3 services, as well as our youth and Grapevine communities, will be able to join us for a United Service at 10am, followed by a selection of different activities for children and adults. We’ll have a time of parachute games, stories and songs for children aged 5 and under, while our over 6s will be invited to decorate cards and hampers that will be used to deliver our Harvest gifts on the Monday (with prizes awarded for the best ones!). Stephen Kuhrt will be hosting a quiz for all the adults in a bid to find out who is our leading expert on all things CCNM! We’ll round off our celebration with a big ‘bring & share’ lunch – please sign up in the Lounge after the service today, to let us know what you’ll be bringing.