Life at Christ Church: 1921 to 1935

Life at Christ Church: 1921 to 1935

Bryan Green

A curate of Christ Church who made a particular impact at this time was the Reverend Bryan Green. He arrived in March 1924 and his major legacy was the establishment of King’s Own Bible Class.

Byran Green went on to be Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton (1938-48) and then Rector of St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham (1948-70).  He became a leading evangelist in the Church of England, his influential book The Practice of Evangelism being published in 1951. He died in March 1993.

King's Own Bible Class

King’s Own Bible Class met on Sunday afternoons and had a major impact on the lives of generations of young people in New Malden for fifty years until its replacement by CYFA in 1974. The motto of K.O. was ‘God, Whose I am, and Whom I serve’ (Acts 26.23 AV).


Amongst the weddings that took place during this time are those of Arthur and Gladys Dobson (parents of current member Frank Dobson) from 3rd October 1928 (left) and of Charles and Nancy Symes from June 1929 (right).

The Young People's Church

Another new venture during these years was the Young People's Church started by the curate, E.D. Bull, in 1931. This was held on a Sunday morning in the upstairs of the Parish Hall, and aimed to develop the habit of church attendance in children so that this became natural in later life.

Vicarage Garden Parties

Two photos of Vicarage garden parties survive from the 1920s.

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